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Breathe Yoga Mats

Bikram Yoga Mat

Our newest Breathe yoga mat, the Rabbit Flap Mat, is the result of thousands of Bikram yoga classes and years of knowledge combined. Quite simply, it is the best yoga mat available today.

The Breathe® bikram yoga mat is comprised of three layers: a cotton terry top, middle absorbent cushioning fibers and a coated, brushed bottom that grips carpet and rubber floors. Together, these layers comprise an anti-slip, waterproof yoga mat that fully eliminates the need for a bulky sticky mat and slippery towel.

Yoga mats need to be long and thick enough to provide a comfortable surface to allow you to reach your potential. Our premium yoga mats provide a sanitary layer of protection between your body and floor of the yoga studio; yet it is compact enough to fold or roll up to take home from class and toss in the washer/dryer with ease.

All of our premium yoga mats are super convenient and extremely durable. The Breathe® yoga mat is the ideal mat for Bikram or Hot yoga at your local studio, or as a travel yoga mat. Its high quality materials and hand-made design make it the bestcotton yoga mat for any hot yoga enthusiast.

Available as a regular or long yoga mat, each yoga mat comes with a stitched grid for precise foot and hand alignment and doesn’t bunch up. The Breathe hot yoga mat allows you to focus on your practice, not on your mat.