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5 Yoga Poses To Set The Stage For Halloween


There are a few poses that are pretty “scary-fun” that you could do today to set the mood for Halloween!

#1 Corpse

{ corpse pose / savasana }

This one seemed natural....


#2 Cat

{ cat pose / cakravakasana }

Eeek! don’t let your path be crossed by this one…


#3 Noose

{ noose pose / pasasana }

Creepy! Find these in haunted houses


#4 Crow

{ crow pose / bakasana }




{ frog pose / bhekasana }

Every witch puts frogs in the brew.....


( photo credits, top to bottom: a2zyoga.com, onsugar.com, yogamary.com, downwarddog.com, yenyoga.wordpress.com )

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