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"The Breathe guys are the mat daddies when it comes to Bikram yoga.  Look no further, for this is the Rolls Royce of yoga mats.  It is a necessity for regular practitioners or if you’re a newbie ready to take on a >30 day challenge.  This mat is portable, sanitary and eco friendly.  You won’t be dragging home a 5 lb bag of stench every day and unlike regular towels that will get funky this mat is very easy to keep clean.  Not to mention that you’ll  be leaving a much smaller carbon footprint (no dryer & loads of less laundry).  Best of all, there will be no more slipping, sliding or puddles of sweat waiting for you when it’s time to relax in belly down savasana.  It is a lot more inviting to rest your face on a soft and plush terry cloth towel rather than a pool of your own toxic waste.  The Breathe company stands by the quality of their products with a warranty policy that is bar none.  The director is the bee’s knees.  He’s such the sweetheart you will want to bake him cookies.  Thanks for the excellent customer service and a great product."

-Grace, Bikram yogi

"Your company’s responsiveness should be the golden standard for others to follow. You certain made me feel appreciated as a consumer of your product."


"I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that I received the mat last week.  I wanted to tell you how much I LOVED the mat. Hard to believe that the pilling made such a difference but this one had NO slippage. Not an inch. Of course the absorbency was excellent and was truly plush for the floor series. You really have a great product on your hands and I’m sure I will be a repeat customer.Thank you again for your awesome customer service. It really means a great deal to me that you not only stood behind your product, but corresponded with me as well. That is (as I’m sure you know) a great rarity these days."


"LOVE my new aqua Breathe Mat!! Seriously do not understand why every single person doesnt use these mats…anxiously anticipating arrival of purple so I can order another one."

-Kristi, Texas

"I just got my new Breathe Mat on Friday and was able to use it for the first time today in my Bikram class.  I have been searching for the right mat ‘situation’ since I began Bikram about 2 years ago.  Rubber mats always seemed to get funky smelling very quickly when using the mat / yoga towel combo, and this mat seems just the ticket.  Using it this morning, it was all that was advertised – enough cushion to use without a mat, and that mat did not shift one inch the whole 90 minutes (carpeted studio).  I hope the mat will last for a long time – even if I have to get a new one every year, this will still be a steal when compared to 4 rubber mats each year (+ yoga towel). Thanks, and I hope your business enjoys continued success – I already sent an e-mail to the owner of my yoga studio (Hot Yoga Tacoma) telling him about these mats & will tell all my yoga buddies as well."

-Amber, Tacoma WA.

"I am delighted with my new Breathe mat with the rabbit flap and have gotten compliments from my Bikram teachers, who love the purple. The mat lays flat, is soft and absorbent, does not slip or bunch up, and the rabbit flap means I don’t have to bring an extra towel. It is my fourth Breathe mat and I recommend it highly, especially for Bikram practitioners."

-Elaine W, Bikram Student

“I haven’t used any other mat since I started using the Breathe mat by Breathe Yoga Wear.  It is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of yoga mats!”

-Michael Harris, Director at Bikram Yoga Portland, Oregon

“I love the Breathe mat’s simplicity and charming good looks.  But most of all I love how utterly practical it is.  I sell several every week and my students only have good things to say.”

-Martha Williams, Director at Bikram Yoga Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Thank you guys so much for the amazing mats!  Since opening our studio in December we have rented and sold your Breathe mats exclusively.  All of our students love them and so do we!  Everyone comments on how clean our yoga room smells – we attribute this to the fact that your mats are so absorbent most of the sweat goes into the washing machine and not into our carpet!  Our students have the option of practicing on a sticky mat with a towel or your Breathe Yoga Mat and we found that the majority of our students ditch the sticky mat after they try yours.  We have even had a few students from visiting schools buy one or two to take home and show off.”

-Suzanne Braden, Director at Bikram Yoga Richmond, Virginia

"I have used the Breathe Mat now several times while practicing Bikram Yoga, and I have witnessed many students using it. This mat-and-towel-in-one eliminates the need to ever fix or adjust the towel during class, thus contributing to a more focused and disciplined practice. (And it’s SO comfy to practice on!) I have heard great things about, and I am looking forward to trying your new “rabbit flap” mat. Thanks so much for creating this innovative product!"

Nancy Cummings, Studio Director at Bikram Yoga Bay Ridge

"Breathe mats are hard to keep in stock!  They are easy, convenient, cut down on the need for extra stuff like towel rentals for studio owners and they’re easy to wash/dry.  The rabbit flap is awesome and provides a superior grip!!  Again, the flap cuts down on the need for hand towels, which cuts costs for studio owners.

Not only is the product super convenient and cost effective, it is also great quality and the Breathe guys stand behind their product.  It’s obvious they strive for the best.  The mats are so well made, I’ve had one for over 8 years!!  I won’t use anything else for my practice.  Other products on the market are just towels and don’t compare.

Speaking with students, they often say they like less stuff, which allows them focus on their practice.  With Breathe mats you just thrown down your mat and you are ready for action, no straightening the towel during class.  Totally waterproof bottom layer, no sweat gets through, which is also great for studio owners, and the terry top is high absorbency too.  Studio owners save on carpet costs, and the studio overall stays fresher!

Lets encourage students to practice in every way by making our studios ultra convienient, and having easy items like these! It takes time and effort to commit to practice, Breathe mats make that commitment easier and more enjoyable!"

Brandon Keitzman, Owner/Director at Bikram Yoga Traverse City www.bikramyogatc.com

“I have had my Breathe Yoga Mat for three years…it is still going strong even after a couple washes per week. I liked it so much, I bought one for my brother and then I bought one for my fiancee. The new rabbit flap is great and the new towel is soft but durable. You have some very happy customers and fans in Orlando, FL from http://www.floridahomecompanion.com. In addition to the great product, the staff is super attentive if you need anything else. Thanks for your passion for Bikram yoga and creating a product that makes it great for everyone.”

-Jackie Ossin, Orlando FL

“Now I can concentrate on my asanas, not being bothered with what is happening to my extremely sweaty towels and sliding mats.”

Todd Mydland, Student, New York, N.Y.


"I am a big fan of Breathe Mats. I practise Bikram Yoga daily and sometimes twice a day. When my wife and I were on vacation we were practicing at a studio in Charleston SC (downtown, if you are in the area you must go, what a great studio) and they had a week special that included a mat and towel and unlimited classes in the price, the mats were breathe mats, I was hooked. I sent an inquired to the company about their long mats to fit for my 6'4" body, promptly one of the owners responded with an answer. I followed this email with additional emails asking questions about how to care for their mats, all emails were responded to promptly. The mat itself has lived up to my expectations, I have since ordered new Breathe mats for my wife and I so we have a variety of colors and do not feel rushed when we are doing doubles. The mat feels like it sticks to the carpet at all of the different studios we go to in the area without any issues or ever moving. There are days when my mat is in the wash and I revert to the rubber mat and yogitoes towels, I require two towels which is still not enough because of the sweat I produce, by the floor series I feel like I am laying in a pond, this is never the case with the Breathe Mat. I love the soft towel feel on my face throughout the belly down series. I hope I never have to go with any other mat and towel again. Thank You Breathe Mats!"

Bikram yogi in Charleston SC